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Can SCiO scan through the rind or skin of fruits and vegetables?

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2017 11:19AM UTC
We offer 2 relevant applets: 
1. Fruits and vegetables - tells the nutritional values of fresh fruits and vegetables
2. Produce selector - gives the BRIX values. The higher the BRIX value, the higher the levels of of natural sugars, minerals, vitamins, amino-acid and phytonutrients. A high BRIX value means higher nutrient density, better flavor and more sweetness.  
Regarding fruit and vegetable rinds, we are able to scan accurately through vegetables and fruits with a thin rind or skin (such as apples, pears, cucumbers etc.) since the illumination beam light is still returned to the sensor and our algorithms eliminate their effect. 
We have undertaken rigorous investigation in this area and found that scanning watermelons and other melons through the rind for insights about macronutrients is not accurate enough. Unfortunately, the content of the rind doesn't correlate to the content of the melon core. Melons and watermelons can be scanned with the Produce selector applet but not though the rind. 

(Relevant Product: SCiO DevKit)
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