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My SCiO doesn't turn on

Last Updated: Jan 07, 2016 08:59AM UTC
Device doesn't turn on
Confirm that the SCiO function button was pressed and held (at least 0.5sec and like you meant it)
Confirm that Notification Ring isn't pulsating or flashing
Ensure the device was charged initially for at least 60 minutes and the Charge Status LED has turned green
If it won't turn on, how does your SCiO notification ring LED behave when you try to turn on the device?
If it never turns on; click the function button continuously for 15 seconds, then release and wait 5 seconds, then try to turn it on again (using a one second function button click and release).
If the previous step failed or if the indication LED blinks for a moment and then turns off, the issue is a low battery or charger problem. Try using a different charging cable and charge for 60 minutes or until the Charge Status LED turns green.

If the problem persists, it sounds like a hardware/device problem so please contact us.

(Relevant Products: SCiO DevKit, SCiO App)
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